ZEUS God ring King of Gods : Black&Gold

ZEUS God ring King of Gods : Black&Gold

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Zeus God of the sky, lightning, thunder, law, order, and justice


Three Brothers , Three Dominions


  After the fall of Cronus, his three sons-Zeus, Poseidon,and Hades-divided the dominions.( To be fair,they drew lots.) The three realms up for grabs were the heavens, the seas, and the land of the dead. (Mount Olympus would realm of all the gods, with no one god having control.)

  Zeus drew the heavens,which made him the ruler of the gods and the heavens both. Depiction of Zeus often show him as wearing a helmet, wielding one of his thunderbolts, and protected by the aegis (a breastplate or shield) He is also often accompanied by an eagle, an attendant that symbolizes his power.

  • Inspiration from Legend of Ancient Greece


    Sterling Silver 925 

    Black Rhodium Plated

    White TopaZ

    Gold Hand Painted


    Ring Us size:3-15 /Ring Japan size:6-30./Germany size:

    King of God:Thunderbolt/King/Philanderer

    Made by Craftmanship Thailand ,Quality Japan Export.
    Concept: Greek Mythology& Rock Music. Unique Style


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