YOROI Armor silver

YOROI Armor silver

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YOROI Collection is inspired from be in love with Samurai warrior, battle, arts, handicraft,Armor, Katana sword, soul of Japan which are root in all of Japanese.We, Pahkin also be in love,needs to design jewelry & accessories,create ring ,Necklace,Bracelet,Pendent by experiences, and Thai craftsman & Japan quality. 

SAMURAI is inspired from be in love with culture, tradition, patriotism, warrior, battle, arts, handicraft, warrior suit, Katana sword, soul of Japan which are root in all of Japanese. We, Pahkin also be in love this concept. Pahkin needs to design jewelry by collecting all ideas, experiences, and craftmanships for this collection. This collection will be focused on luxury, fineness, art of delicacy, warrior soul and feel of “Unique Fine Jewelry” According to more fineness, more identity, it represents our high-experience of craftsmanship who create Pahkin’s jewelry. You will fell and touch our intention through “Samurai Collection

This is not just FASHION, but it is your own STYLE. This is Pahkin

Material: Sterling Silver 925/Color:White Gold


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