APHRODITE bracelet

APHRODITE bracelet black

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PAHKIN is Fine Jewelry & Accessories which remain beauty and details by specialized craftsmanship who has long-term experience in jewelry industry. By inspiration of ancient Greece legendary, Love in Rock music. From history of battle in European under Medieval era integrate with PAHKIN’s concept. PAHKIN wish you enjoy and share our designed experience to you. PAHKIN is glad to meet you. Thank you very much.


Inspiration from Legend of Ancient Greece

One of the most ancient legendary in this world describe about Gods at Mount Olympus. ZEUS, king of gods who rule over gods, queen, earth, and human-being. ZEUS has thunder as weapon. He is an eldest brother of 3 gods. HADES, younger brother, king who rule over world of afterlife beneath the ground and wealth of the ground. POSEIDON, King of the Sea, Ocean, Wealth of the ground, Govern overseas. POSEIDON has trident as weapon. HERA, queen of marriage, Blessing for couple, Queen of ZEUS. HERMES, God of communication and able to cross all 3 worlds ATHENA, Queen of wisdom, who indicate victory for all heroes in Greece. ARES, God of war, who starve for victory from all battlefield. APHRODITE, Queen of Beauty and LOVE. DIONYSUS, God of feast, spirit, liquor. APOLLO, God of Sun, Growth, Aurora. ARTEMIS, God of Moon and Hunter. HEPHAESTUS, God of Artisans who create all Gods’ weapons.Olympian.


  • Sterling Silver 925

    Black Rhodium Plated


    Made by Craftmanship Thailand ,Quality Japan Export.
    Concept: Greek Mythology& Rock Music. Unique Style





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