ATHENA Earring

ATHENA Earring

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Athena Goddess of wisdom, handicraft, and strategic war


Inspiration from Legend of Ancient Greece

  Athena As the goddess of wisdom, Athena was held in high regard by mortal and immortal alike. She was aloso the goddess of war, crafts, and skill. Unlike Ares however, Athena was not bloodthirsty. She preferred peace to war. Even so, when she was involved in battle, she proved herself to be an invincible strategist, dominating the field.

   Athena usually appears dressed in armor, helmet, and aegis. She wields a spear and a shield. She is associated with the owl (which symbolizes wisdom), and an owl often perches on her shoulder.

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  • Inspiration from Legend of Ancient Greece

    Material: Sterling Silver 925/Color:White Gold/Gem:Black Spinel.

    Goddess of Support:Support/Guide/Instruct

    Made by Craftmanship Thailand ,Quality Japan Export.
    Concept: Greek Mythology& Rock Music. Unique Style




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