APOLLO Earring

APOLLO Earring

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Apollo God of music, poetry, art, oracles, archery, plague, medicine, sun, light and knowledge


Inspiration from Legend of Ancient Greece

  Apollo, Artemis's twin brother, was the god of archery, music, and poetry. While his sister lived only for the hunt, Apollo was a versatile god who enjoyed a great many things. At times, he was a shepherd or a cowherd; at other times he was a great musician. Apollo was also important to prophecy and medicine. He had the ability to inflict illness as well as to cure it.

  Because Apollo dabbled in so many arts, there isn't a single typical depiction of him. You might see him playing his lyre, shooting an arrow, or sriving a chariot. One constant in all depiction of Apollo, though, is his great beauty, which was considered ideal. Apollo was associated with several different animals-including the wolf, deer, dolphin, crow, vulture, and swan-and he was also associated with the laurel tree.

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  • Material: Sterling Silver 925/Color:White Gold/Gem:Black Spinel.
    God of Sun:Hope/Progress/Growth

    Made by Craftmanship Thailand ,Quality Japan Export.
    Concept: Greek Mythology& Rock Music. Unique Style




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