APHRODITE Goddess Ring Goddess of Love

APHRODITE Goddess Ring Goddess of Love

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Aphrodite Goddess of love, beauty and sexuality


Inspiration from Legend of Ancient Greece

  Aphrodite Nearly everyone has heard of Aphrodite-the goddess of love.(You may know her as Venus, which was her Roman name.) Some myths present Aphrodite as a flaky, somewhat ridiculous character; other describe her as a generous and benevolent goddess, due the same reverence as the other Olympians. Regardless of her character, Aphrodite was always passionate.

   Aphrodite was a great beauty, with a sweet and seductive smile. Her myths almost always involve love affairs: Either she's having affairs of her own, or she's meddling in those of others. This goddess was associated with the dove, and her plant were the rose and myrtle.
















    Inspiration from Legend of Ancient Greece

    Material: Sterling Silver 925/Color:White Gold/Gem:Black Spinel. Ring Us size:3-15 /Ring Japan size:6-30 /Germany size:15 1/4-23 1/2
    Goddess of Love:Love/Beautiful/Etermal

    Made by Craftmanship Thailand ,Quality Japan Export.
    Concept: Greek Mythology& Rock Music. Unique Style


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